Technology Tip-Childcare Photo magic with Picasa 3

Session D on the latest volume 2 child care staff training DVD looks at Picasa 3 photo software from Google and we show you how you can save precious time when working with photos and observations.

Technology Tip- Photo magic with Picasa 3 -Duration 10 minutes

Even the most inexperienced and reluctant computer users will love this!

Learn quickly and very easily how you can enhance photos and save time documenting in journals.

We also show you how to create an impressive video philosophy for your foyer or website using only this free software and your photos.

Spotlight on Norwest Child Care Centre Sydney

Session C on our latest child care training DVD looks at the Norwest child care centre in Sydney, and how this 90 place centre functions.

Spotlight on Norwest Child Care Centre Sydney- Duration 15 minutes

Why re-invent the wheel when you can share ideas via our regular Onsite Spotlight.

This session brings you a spotlight on the award winning Norwest Child Care Centre Sydney with a focus on raising the bar for leadership and management in Early Childhood.

Enjoy the inspiration this session offers when we go live with our cameras to capture some fabulous footage of staff \child interactions and some inspiring centre play environments.

There are also interviews with staff and the director regarding what makes a great leader and attracts and retains a motivated professional team.

For more information please click on the following link Child Care Staff Training DVD

Productive Engagements with Dad’s in Child Care Centres

Below is a quick snippet on session B from our latest DVD release volume 2.

How Prepared is Your Child Care Service to genuinely engage with Fathers?

This provocative session shows that our good intentions when dealing with fathers in child care services can be a little off target at times.

As the fathering role is changing it’s important that we re-look at how we interact with fathers within our child care centres.

We provide exciting small projects and suggestions for you to implement easily into your service for the goal of engaging more Dad’s.

For more information on this product please click on the following link Child Care Staff Training DVD Volume 2

Taming the Beast – Support, guide and survive the challenging child

Below you will find a quick blurb on session A on our latest training DVD volume 2.

Taming the Beast – Support, guide and survive the challenging child – Duration 30 minutes

How committed are you in making a difference to a child’s behaviour?

This universal topic looks not only at the “tip of the ice berg” of guiding behaviour but delves deep down below the surface to discover the messages that the child is trying to send us. This session aims to support the early childhood professional move from the approach of simply reacting to a child’s behaviour to actually teaching the child how to develop responsible behaviour and independence. It explores a holistic approach of creating a profile on the child and developing collaborative teaching strategies to build positive outcomes for the child.

For more information please click the following link Child Care Staff Training DVD Volume 2

Child Care Staff Training DVD Volume 2 Complete!

The latest volume in our series of child care staff training DVD products is now complete.

Be sure to keep and eye out over the next few days for info on this latest volume.

For more information you can click on the following link Child Care Staff Training Volume 2

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The Onsite Early Childhood Training DVD is Now LIVE!

Finally after 2 years of research and development, our new child care staff training DVD is now available for purchase!

There are currently 2 DVD volumes available that are both packed with training, helpful information and tips for staff working in the child care industry.
All our child care staff training DVD packages are shipped direct to your centre, so there is no more need for staff travel to training sessions.

Click the link below to see video testimonials and more information on how child care centre’s are using this training resource already to help motivate and inspire staff as a whole team.

Click Here For Child Care Staff Training DVD

Sustainability Expo at the Point Preschool Child Care Centre

Workshops, News, Animals, Storytelling and Food…This Expo Has It All!

The Point Preschool is holding its annual sustainability expo on the 28th March between 10am – 3pm at their child care centre situated at 89R Greenpoint Rd, Oyster Bay, Sydney.

Recent runners up in the 2008 ABC Gardening Australia competition and winners of the 2007 Sutherland Shire small business adwards for most outstanding child care service, the Point Preschool know all about sustainability and recycling and are now in the 3rd year of their amazing annual expo.

This is one event to mark on your calenders and not to be missed!!

Onsite Early Childhood Training are proud supporters of this amazing sustainability expo and we look forward to seeing you all there!


Bonus Session 1 Now Complete!

The first session in our amazing Launch Bonus Offer is now complete!

Over the next few days we will provide snippets of what topic this session covers and how you can use it in your training sessions at your centre.

This session is just one in a new series of innovative training sessions we will be giving away for FREE!(there will be a small fee for production plus shipping and handling of just $39.95)  that provides a completely new way of delivering childcare staff training.

With only a limited number of special Launch Bonus Packages available, make sure you sign up today so you dont miss out!

Just fill in your name and email address at the top of the page and we will notify you shortly how you can get access to your special Reserved Launch Bonus Package!

Cost Effective and Current Childcare Staff Training delivered to you!

The training consultants for Onsite have worked in all areas of the Early Childhood profession for close to 20 years and have experienced the full spectrum of dilemmas that I’m sure we’ve all faced from time to time relating to staff and training.

Encouraging staff to travel to quality training sesions outside of work hours was a number 1 dilemma in our experience.

Anothre issue was that a need may arise for a particular staff member to be ‘refreshed’ on a specific topic or you may have a team that needs a bit of support and motivation to get through an area of conflict. By the time you go through the training calender and find a session remotely appropriate it may not be for another 6 months.

Budget wise, you may also find a training session that would be great for the whole team but you can only afford to send 2 of them.

We also felt that some centres can feel a little isolated and wanted to devise an interactive website that can encourage others to network by sharing ideas and discussing dilemmas and ultimatley strengthening the Early Childhood Profession. After all who wants to re-invent the wheel when there are some inspiring things already available.

We thought there had to be a better way to deliver unique and quality training sessions that eliminated all these dilemmas.

After spending years researching training providers in Australia and overseas,  we came to the conclusion there was little in the way of products that could be sent to centres and kept onsite as a training resource for existing and new staff members.

It was at this point that myself and a number of other Early Childhood Training Consultants decided to design some superior training packages covering a huge range of relevant topics and compacted them into short and sharp 15-30 minute interactive sessions. What makes it even better is it’s in a DVD format so staff can have them on hand to watch as soon as the need arises in a staff meeting or even at home.

We are now hoping this is going to be the key corner stone of the childcare centres training resource.

Kelly Nickless