At Onsite Early Childhood Training we have provided for you below sample’s of the new DVD child care staff training sessions we are providing.

With DVD based training being a relatively new concept in child care staff training, you can now avoid many of the standard pitfalls, stress and drama that is involved with more traditional styles of training.

Below is a small snippet from the “Projects and Investigations” training session, which is just one of three training sessions on DVD 1.
(Please allow up to 60 seconds for the video to load.)

Session D on the latest volume 2 child care staff training DVD looks at Picasa 3 photo software from Google and we show you how you can save precious time when working with photos and observations.

Technology Tip- Photo magic with Picasa 3 -Duration 10 minutes

Even the most inexperienced and reluctant computer users will love this!

Learn quickly and very easily how you can enhance photos and save time documenting in journals.

We also show you how to create an impressive video philosophy for your foyer or website using only this free software and your photos.

(Please allow up to 60 seconds for the video to load.)

For more information on our new child care staff training sessions please feel free to give us a call on 1800 890 102 or email us at