EYLF Training Sydney

Onsite Early Childhood Training is your leading provider of EYLF training in Sydney, NSW.

Upcoming In-service Training:

Port Macquarie: EYLF and Pedagogical Reflections in Practice- Thursday 17th November 2011

























Customised Training and Mentoring Opportunities

  • Would you like to have training designed specifically to suit your needs at an affordable rate?
  • Would you like to host a training session of your interest at your service and invite others to share the cost?
  • Did you know we have consultants that specialise in:
    –  Understanding and preparing for National Quality Framework
      EYLF, Belonging, Being and Becoming
      Understanding why we do what we do- brings passion and rich intentional teaching into your philosophy and program.
     Documentation and programming in ways that minimise time without compromising quality (samples included)
     Team building/ communication/ appreciation for different dispositions for learning
     Guiding children’s behaviour
     Building resilience and preparation for life
     Exploring visual arts
    - Writing learning stories
     Leadership and service management 
  • Training consultants can deliver customised training weeknights, days, weekends and school holidays.
  • Ask us about our 2 consultant special:
eylf training in sydney

EYLF Training in Sydney

One consultant delivers training on EYLF and documentation to the educators while the other consults leaders one on one in leadership, administration and management (NQS 7) at the same time.


This is a very affordable and valuable opportunity to design professional development training

Getting customised support with the EYLF and NQS will help you and your staff to stay focused to implement pedagogical practices within the EYLF, which are powerful and meaningful as a team. EYLF training & EYLF programming courses are available across Sydney to support you in all your endeavors this year.

EYLF Training in Sydney

To start you off here are some reflective questions to bring clarity to your beginnings;

  • Do all your educators including regular casual educators know and honour your services’ Statement of Philosophy?
  • Do they understand why we need a Statement of Philosophy?
  • Do your educators talk the talk but not walk the walk when it comes to implementing the Statement of Principles in their everyday practices?
  • Do all educators feel they have a voice in the statement of principles?
  • Are all your educators on the same page?
  • What are some meaningful and fun ideas to get your families authentically involved in evaluating your Statement of Philosophy?
  • Is your statement of principles reflective of the EYLF?

There is more to EYLF training than showing you different ways of implementing the learning outcomes or providing you with set templates. There is an art to bringing a team together who are socially and culturally diverse, multi professional, varying in experience and qualifications and lead them through change successfully and respectfully to all be on the same page.

Onsite Early Childhood consultants are experts in mentoring services through change management and EYLF training in Sydney. We pride ourselves on being extremely practical and thought provoking with lots of examples and ideas (the opposite of being set on any one specific template or formula to follow).

Feedback from previous educators who participated in these sessions:

“They knew the topic extremely well”

“It was great that Kelly and Sherri both also still work in Early Childhood settings. They really knew our challenges and gave great suggestions that I will implement for sure.”

“They talked at our level and made me less anxious about change. I felt more empowered to implement the EYLF in our everyday practices.”

“We definitely got value for money”  “I feel more relaxed and confident after attending the EYLF workshop”

“I was so impressed with the presentation and challenged me to take it that next bit further.”

“I have already been to a few EYLF trainings and have been implementing the EYLF for over 12 months now so I was looking for further inspiration and I got it. I was very impressed. I would be coming to the next in-service run by Onsite Early Childhood Training”